Podcast: Conversation with Jacob Turner

I sit down with former MLB pitcher and current financial advisor Jacob Turner, a co-founder at JL Strategic Wealth.

We discuss how Jacob’s career as a first-round pick and MLB pitcher have shaped his post-playing career. How should a draft prospect assemble his team? How do you select the right people with your best interest in mind? Should a player sign a pro contract out of high school? What should a player look for in a financial advisor?

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Dan Zielinski III
Dan Zielinski IIIhttp://BaseballProspectJournal.com
Dan Zielinski III is the creator of the Baseball Prospect Journal and has covered the MLB draft since 2015. His draft work originally appeared on The3rdManIn.com, a sports website he started in December 2011. He also covered the Milwaukee Brewers as a member of the credentialed media for four years. Follow him on Twitter @DanZielinski3.

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