Wyatt Young putting heart over height

SOUTH YARMOUTH, Mass. – Middle infielder Wyatt Young is having an impressive offensive season in the Cape Cod League this summer.

Young, who’s 5-foot-7, had a phenomenal high school career in Hawaii. He played three years of varsity baseball where he hit .462 as a senior and was named ILH Player of the Year. 

Young now attends Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He started every game for the Waves in a notable freshman season where he finished with a .317 average and a team-high 67 hits this spring.

The success that Young saw in his first year of college baseball has carried over to the Cape Cod League. 

Young leads the league in average (.371). He also has 36 hits, 17 RBIs, 19 runs and has struck out only 18 times in 31 games this summer. Young was named the starting shortstop of the CCBL All-Star Game for the East Division. 

Young is not a physically dominant player by any means but the raw skills and passion he possesses for the game of baseball makes up for his height.

According to Young’s player bio on Pepperdine’s page, his favorite part about baseball is that “it teaches you how to learn and deal with failure.”

Young’s mindset is in the right place early in his career and it seems that he understands what type of game baseball is: a game where even the very best fail seven out of 10 times. Players at Young’s age often have a tough time accepting that reality. 

What could that mean for Young? He has the chance to have a long, successful career in baseball. He excelled in high school. He thrived his freshman year of college. Now, he is once again shining at an even higher level in the Cape Cod League. Each time the shortstop gets faced with stiffer competition, he continues to execute, no matter what league.

Major League Baseball likely is in Young’s future. There is no doubt he will at least end up being drafted in two years and have a chance to work his way through the minor league system if he continues to produce at a high level.

He’s an intriguing player and with his passion and work ethic, Young has the tools to be a notable draft prospect in two years.

Nick Galle
Nick Galle
Nick Galle is from Massachusetts and is currently a journalism student at Marquette University in Milwaukee. He started writing his own blog covering Boston sports – BeanTownBlog617. He now owns and writes for Edge Sports Network. In addition, he writes for StatsSwipe, a site that covers Milwaukee-area sports, and MarquetteHoops. Follow Nick on Twitter: @EdgeSNGalle

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